Does your kid love smashing your keyboard?

Baby proof your personal computer ( PC ) with our app, It will offer you the possibility to lock your keyboard and your mouse while your kids can watch a cartoon playing on the background or play with your PC while seeing letters popup on the screen.

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The Baby PC Lock App

We are software developers and parents, and we really know how troublesome this may be. And we have a solution. We created a small and effective Windows Application to protect your text, code, or presentation from unwanted keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can activate the app within seconds so that your child can enjoy “typing” while all your documents and settings remain safe. No more yelling and frustration, just let your kid play while your files are perfectly protected. The app requires an internet connection only for the first activation after that you are free to use it.from now on make sure to lock your PC even if you want to leave the room just shortly, your work is perfectly safe from your kids fingers.

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Key Features

Windows Compatible
Windows Compatible

The solution is really simple and works with all the latest versions of Windows. In case we receive enough requests from Mac and users we will consider developing a version for them!

No Key Combinations
No Key Combinations

You do not need to remember any key combinations, just choose what you want to be blocked in the App settings: only the keyboard, only the mouse or both.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

It takes a few moments to install and activate the app. Our built in step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

Dual Monitor support
Dual monitor support

Our Pro edition includes the support for dual monitor setups, you can lock all your monitors from your kids, while your work remains safe.

Your Choise
Educational element

Our Pro edition has an interactive feature: When your kid starts typing, the elements show up on the PC screen.


Our app supports multiple languages, which you can easily change in the settings. After choosing the language you need, restart your app to load the new language. We have a list of upcoming languages including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian. Contact us if you feel your language is missing.









Questions and answers

What kind of operation systems is your app compatible with?
Right now the BabyPCLock only works with the latest versions of Windows. We are a young project and if we receive enough requests we will be happy to think of a solution for Mac, Linux or even Android.
What if I bought the app and now I am having issues with the set up or compatibility?
No panic on Titanic! 🙂 Just write us at conta[email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue asap.
Why should I pay for your app if there is free software of this kind out there?
We believe that we all deserve to be paid fairly. We do our best to provide you with a high quality product and continue developing it (yep, there’s more stuff to come! Sing up for our newsletter to be the first to know!) The app will cost you as little as a cup of coffee… and think of the fun your kid will have playing with your keyboard! 🙂
Is the app safe for my PC?
Absolutely! In case of doubts we advise you to find an online anti-virus scanner and check our app with it. We also guarantee you that we are not tracking any kind of data with the app.
Is it hard to install the app?
The app is really simple and straightforward. In case you are using a firewall don’t forget to whitelist the app. Please do contact us in case of any questions or doubts at [email protected]

What Other Parents are Saying

I’m a software developer and my kid really loves playing with me and my keyboard while I’m coding. It used to be really annoying – I had to yell at my kid, lock myself in a room… Now I simply activate the BabyPcLock and let my son play for a while. After he’s finished I simply resume my work. No pain, no tears!

Computers are an important part of our daily life. I want to teach my son coding later, but now he’s still too young, so I simply lock my keyboard with the BabyPcLock app and let him play. I believe this will help him loving the PCs later as much as I love them.

Just love it. I am a freelancer and have to work a lot while my kids are awake. My little daughter loves playing with my keyboard. Earlier I’d shoo her off and she would be crying, but now I have a great solution – the BabyPcLock App. Highly recommended!